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Tata Docomo for its wireless internet service under the brand name of Tata Photon Plus, offers unlimited Internet surfing plans, usage-based plans and more.for both pre-paid and post-paid customers apart from a cash-back offers. Customers can now continue to enjoy uninterrupted high speed internet even if the data limit is exhausted with Tata Photon- the wireless internet service. Postpaid customers can also avail unlimited usage of 2GB by the various Postpaid plans designed based on Customers usage and wallet.

Tata Photon Plus post-pay customers can choose from two plans – unlimited 6GB or unlimited 11 GB with cash back offers right from the date of purchase. Tata Photon Plus usage based plans and data rates, differ for different cities, but the feature remain same such as-

  • Plugging and Surfing with Tata Photon plus is easy after instalation which does not require any CD.
  • Tata Photon Plus has an Expandable Memory of upto 2 GB with USB modem which enables to store critical information.
  • Tata Photon Plus is not only super fast but also super sleek and as compact as a pen drive.

Tata Photon Plus is a High Speed Internet Access Service that allows to access internet anytime, anywhere with a Speed of Up to 3.1 Mbps Downlink- a transmission path for the communication of signals and data from a communications satellite and Up to 1.8 Mbps Uplink- a transmission path by which signals are sent to communications satellite through the Photon Device.

Tata Photon Device consists of USB plug, Indicator light and T-flash slot. with technical specifications including-

  • Modem type -USB Dongle NON-RIUM,
  • With a frequency or brand of 800 MH
  • With an Internal Antenna
  • with a Dimension of 76.0*25.4*10.8mm, easy to carry
  • with an Internal Memory of 1Gbit NAND + 256Mbit DDR
  • with Slot Support T-Flash Memory Card
  • With an External Memory Support of 32Gb.

Tata Photon can be accessed by any operating system , only the process of installation differs for different operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux and Windows XP.

Tata Photon Plus benefits include- Superior in-built network coverage, all India free roaming, best in the industry tariff options and technological superiority of the mobile broadband technology covering more than 128 Photon Plus cities. Tata Photon Plus is built to meet the needs of the youth and the offers add up to the fantastic combination of an affordable device and unlimited data usage.

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